December 7, 2023

Tuwapende Watoto

The Tuwapende Watoto Children’s Foundation is a charity institution located in Dar es
Salaam, Tanzania. It provides orphaned and abandoned children with a loving home and a
good long-term education for their future.

Tuwapende Watoto is a politically and religiously independent organization. It is officially
registered as an NGO in Tanzania. It is funded through private and institutional donations,
also the largest part of the administrative work is done by volunteers in Switzerland.

OZTI East Africa supplied all the equipment at a cost price, and the installation, commissioning,
and training were done free of charge. We are very happy to provide them with two free
services for all the equipment per year, should spare parts be needed, they are supplied at
cost price. Baba Ema of Tuwapende received two weeks of intensive training in our
workshop to ensure he can maintain the equipment.


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