TOLKAR was established in 1969 as a family business regarding to produce textile washing machines and industrial laundry machines in city of Izmir, TURKEY. From the very first date, continuous development, better quality, and customer satisfaction have made up a principle by TOLKAR where at the present day constitutes from 3 splendid innovative production factories in İZMİR Ataturk Industrial Zone, distributorship of the leader manufacturers of their sectors for supplementary products.

TOLKAR provides all capacities of commercial & industrial laundry machines along with auxiliary equipment including turnkey projects and all textile/garment processing, washing, dyeing machines, unique waterless technologies right alongside the distributorship of the leader brands such as BIKO, COLMAC, SPEED QUEEN and RENZACCI. In 2008, after acquisition of SMARTEX and its patented “Smart Balancing System”, TOLKAR became the unique company who has the capability of manufacturing very high-speed washer extractors by exerting 400 G force while spinning. Yet as the first and the only producer of the unique innovation introduced PolyRib ECO Drum, TOLKAR is proud to offer SMARTEX Miracle series which saves dramatically 50 % from the water, chemicals and heating energy and wastewater along with the very first manufacturer of ‘Direct Gas Heated’ Washer Extractors.

OZTI East Africa

With over 15 years of experience, we are the industry leader in kitchen, bar & laundry design, equipment supply, and technical support in our region. Starting in 2008 developing our working kitchens as chef and restaurateur, we have progressed to a full-scale company, becoming an extremely reliable partner.