IZO panel

Izopanel had its first steps into the cooling sector through its factory located on Pendik–Kurtkoy in 2000. While the changes in manufacturing technologies were forcing new investments, these changes and the development periods accelerated and increased efficiency. Today, Izopanel company manufactures about 300.000 m2 with 3200 m2 indoor space. with the trademark name Izokabin.

Izokabin started to manufacture different sizes of cooling room panels. But today, Izokabin also manufactures wall, ceiling, floor panels, and cold room doors in both specific and standard sizes and types. Izopanel aims to introduce economic, healthy, and true solutions that have measurable benefits. Izopanel manufactures panels and cold room goods for different areas and sectors and Izokabin trademark manufactures cold room requirements for all kinds of requirements which are needed by different sectors.

OZTI East Africa

With over 15 years of experience, we are the industry leader in kitchen, bar & laundry design, equipment supply, and technical support in our region. Starting in 2008 developing our working kitchens as chef and restaurateur, we have progressed to a full-scale company, becoming an extremely reliable partner.